‘MANAM’ represents emotions far beyond words. Manam captures the sheer joy of food – from the faithful adherence to age-old home recipes to the careful curation of the freshest ingredients, from the pans of the finest chefs to plates of tantalising aromas that envelop the mind and soul.

At MANAM we do not just serve great food – we create the ultimate South Indian experience of days gone by. Drawing from the rich culinary heritage of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Belgaum, Andhra Pradesh,Goa,,, and Telangana. MANAM invokes the nostalgia of rural South India – hand-crushed spices, sun-dried chillies, fresh farm animals, clear rushing spring water, the sounds of happiness and laughter across warm hearths and open doors.

MANAM’s ethos is hospitality from the heart – great food on every plate that evokes wonder, joy, nostalgia and bliss with every bite. Naturally we do not use any artificial colouring or MSG, and we only use the freshest cuts of sustainably sourced fresh meat. Each dish is made to order, and we take great pride in being able to customise every plate for every palate.

So come visit us for the ultimate experience in South Indian non-vegetarian cuisine.

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